The Incredible Body

24 Miles.  In one day.  Amazing!

Yesterday was Day 50 of my AT hike.  In that time, my body has changed significantly.  I have lost over 20 pounds.  My lung capacity is higher, living between 2000′ and 6000′. I can climb most hills now without stopping.  I have much greater endurance.  All this, in a 62 year old body!

My last 5 days of hiking were: 16, 20, 24, 20, and 10 miles into Pearisburg, Virginia.  A month ago, that would have been hard for me to imagine.  Now, that is becoming our routine!

Isn’t Black and I have a routine now that works for us.  We wake up with the sun, at about 6am.  We pack up, and are hiking within 45 minutes.  We have a short break an hour later for a quick breakfast, which is a food bar. I like to snack every couple of hours to keep my energy up. Lunch is a 15-30 minute rest break,  then back to it. 

Our paces are different.  Sometimes we hike together, sometimes solo. I hike at about 2 miles an hour, a little faster down than up, but not much because of the footing and rocks. Time passes; miles drift by.

All this, in an incredible body.  Yes, it complains. The knees ache, the feet are sore, I still have blisters,  but with some care and feeding, my body just keeps going!

How is your body doing these days? Do you neglect it like so many of us?

Take it for a walk today.  Treat it like it’s the only one you have.  Keep it happy, and and you will be happy!




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