Atkins, VA

Just a quick update, as we are soon going to be back on the trail!

A couple of milestones: we passed mile 500 on May 5th! Today we will pass 546 miles, which is 1/4th of our journey.

Isn’t Black had a birthday party and surprise gift!


Thanks to Mom and Dad Bearbag for their support. 


Lots of trail magic recently,  thank you! Coke and snacks here.


Ponies are part of the AT magic, found on Grayson Highlands. 



1 thought on “Atkins, VA

  1. Hello Alan. I am really enjoying the trip! What an experience for both of you! Looks like you made yourself a new lifetime friend! God bless you. St Christopher is doing a great job traveling with you! Love from your favorite sister in law. Jude

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