Second Journeys

UPDATE: I am beginning another of my “Second Journeys”. In 2014, I attempted to hike the 2200 mile length of the Appalachian Trail. I completed 920 miles, forced to quit due to injuries. This year, I will attempt to finish my hike.

This is not a continuation of my last journey, only a continuation of my hike from where I left the trail in Virginia. No, this is all new. I learned more about life and myself with that failure, I believe, than if I had completed it. I now know what to expect! I am AWARE! This journey of mine THIS year accepts all the pain, suffering, aggravation, and trepidations. I relish this, because the rewards of the NEW journey will define the new me, the person I will be when I reach my goal.

FROM 2014:

What drives us? What is our focus, our reason to be, our “bucket list”?

What motivates a retired 60 something to hike the AT instead of smoke a cigar and sip a nice Scotch on the back deck?

“Follow” me, and you might be surprised what you will find. My Second Journey may inspire one in your life. You can choose to live this 2200 mile journey of mine vicariously, but you may find inspiration as I walk and grow along MY journey of discovery.

Second Journeys:

1. The next step. After the end of a current journey, the beginning of the next journey.

2. Future journeys. Plans or goals, the expectation of an ending to what is, and a beginning of what will be.

3. The imminent end of one journey, and a view towards the next.

(As one journey ends, the next is often defined by a major life goal.)


I began the idea for this blog when I finally committed to hiking the AT. But… I also decided that this blog was not just about a hike, but a transition from a 40 year part of my life, the working life, to that next step, that next JOURNEY, the journey into retirement.
I have no idea where this blog will go, if anywhere, but my initial goal was to come up with a name that has meaning to me, and is broad enough to go the distance. To me, Second Journeys is the perfect answer.
I believe that our lives are composed of many journeys, which can be defined broadly (childhood, school years, work years, retirement), or specifically (grade school, college, job one, two, etc…).
My broad view is:
Work years. Family rearing years.
Retirement years. My second journey is really my transition from a lifetime of preparing for work, followed by work, to a journey of excitement, joy, love.
Where will MY Second Journey take ME?

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