Stay Tuned!

I’m getting energized. I’m starting to plan on my return to the trail!

I got injured on my hike in 2014, and left the trail in June of that year. Looking back, I’m proud of my efforts, as I walked for well over 100 miles with my injuries, trying to keep my dream alive. Alas, it was not to be.

2015 saw lots of family activities, including a family trip to Italy. In addition, my 60+ year old body has been slow to heal. My heels and knees are the culprits, but finally seem to have recovered enough for me to take to the hike again.

My goal is to finish what I started. The purists in the AT hiking world call a “through hike” as walking the AT in a span of 365 days. That’s not me. On the other hand, a “through hiker”, in my mind, is one who completes the entire 2200 mile hike. That WILL be me!

My tentative start date is Sunday, May 22nd. That’s close to the date of my injury 2 years ago. I will start at the point I left the trail, 920 miles along the AT, at a place called Big Meadows Wayside, in northern Virginia.

Stay tuned!