Damascus, Virginia

Day 41. Damascus, VA. 

Yesterday, a short 10 mile hike brought us into Damascus, VA before 11 am. We also left Tennessee to enter our 4th state!

This is hiker heaven.  Most hikers will zero here, so we see many folks that we have crossed paths with over the past weeks.  Stories abound and it is great fun catching up on the trail news. 

Isn’t Black and I share similar birthdays, so we celebrated last night with dinner at a restaurant with LINEN TABLECLOTH and NAPKINS.  We were joined by Aloha Nice Shirt and family, who drove here for a short visit.  I also met Hawk’s Bill’s wife and 2 children, who recognized me from Bearbag’s blog! Curious George is popular with the younger generation!


2 thoughts on “Damascus, Virginia

  1. keep up the good work alan. hope you are well, and you look cute with that beard, talk to you soon, david and mary ann

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