Gear update

631 miles on the AT. 

Gear review.  Quick post of my gear 51 days into my thru hike. Thanks to Adam for overnighting a 50 degree quilt to me.  It’s a great deal, and weighs in at 10 ounces! It replaces my 20 degree,  20 ounce quilt which has kept me warm on the trail; I also have his Cuben fiber tarp with doors.  Highly recommended.  I have the Arc Blast.  So far, I am very pleased with it.  Rugged, light, comfortable.  18-30 pounds pack weight and it attracts lots of attention.  Stays dry in the rain.  Recommended. 

Clark NX-250 jungle hammock.  Under 3 pounds with whoopie slings. 6 pockets, so nothing is on the ground.  A bit heavy, but I love sleeping in my “tent” off the ground.  Recommended!

Trail runners.  I’m 62, and I have had blisters since day one.  I used New Balance MT 1210’s, got over 700 miles on them,  but I am going to my heavier boots.  The rocks are tough on the feet, especially downhill, and I’m hoping for fewer blisters. 

Update: back to trail runners. My boots shrunk! Or my feet grew, which is typical of hikers. I have sore toes from them hitting the end of the boots; I will lose a toenail… I now have the new version of my New Balance Leadville 1210’s. Better to go with a known. I can deal with the blisters!

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