20 Failures Equals 1 Success

Today I failed 20 times. 

I set daily goals on the AT. How far I intend to hike, where to stop for lunch, basic stuff.

I have a personal goal to try to climb every hill and mountain WITHOUT STOPPING.  Sometimes I can.  Some days are better than others.

Today started with a lofty goal: hike 20 miles.  The trail had a long 5 mile climb, as well as several smaller climbs.

I failed.  I was tired this morning, and my energy was low.  I stopped on a climb.  Then again.  A drink of water.  Failure after failure…

Did I quit? No! At the end of the day, I completed my first goal.  I hiked 20 miles.  I can do better.  I will do better.  But… Today was a SUCCESS!


Don’t get concerned with small failures.  Stay focused and do your best.  Persist, keep your eyes on the goal, and you too can succeed!

4 thoughts on “20 Failures Equals 1 Success

  1. Love reading how things are going Allen. I’m checking the AT inNH seeing where I could hook up w/ ya! Sound like Easter weekend was well received!! Spring has sprung inCT. I’m at Foxwoods warm temps and blooming trees!! God Sped.

  2. Stopping on a climb for water is not a failure….it’s smart. Don’t create unnecessary challenges for yourself, CG….the trail will provide enough real ones! You’re doing such a great job…you must be proud. KEEP ON HIKING!

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