Hot Springs

Day 28 Total miles: 280.

The past few days have been busy!

We were lucky. On Day 22, we worked hard to get to Gatlinburg, for resupply, a half day off, and a good night’s sleep at the Grand Prize Prix Motel.

The weather turned, and rain became snow.  2 wet and cold hikers were found and saved on Clingman’s Dome.  We stayed there an extra night as all who could came down from the mountain and temps about 10 degrees… 6 inches of snow fell that afternoon.

The next 4 days were awesome.  My wife was meeting me in Hot Springs if I could make it by Saturday, 4 days away.  That meant hiking 16, 18, 20, and 13 miles to make up the lost day for snow. 

Three of us went for it.  The weather was perfect, hiking in snow the first day. Then it started to melt, so we hiked in snow, ice, and mud for much of 2 days.  But… We made it!

Hot Springs is a wonderful small town that caters to hikers.  Walking into town, I was greeted by several hiker friends.  Very cool!

I met my wife at our hotel and had a grand reunion.  She was immersed in MY environment, meeting many friends and enjoying our reunion.  One highlight of our weekend was the hot springs; yes, they exist! 15 private hot tubs right on a river… Just what my poor body needed!

Back on the trail today, another 10 miles.  Perfect!







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