Day 22 Gatlinburg.  Zero day.  Total miles: 206.8.

Words of the day: snow, cold, luck. 

We were lucky.  Yesterday, we worked hard to get to Gatlinburg, for resupply, a half day off, and a good night’s sleep at the Grand Prize Prix Motel. 

The weather turned, and rain became snow.  2 wet and cold hikers were found and saved on Clingman’s Dome.  We stayed here an extra night as all who could came down from the mountain and temperature about 10 degrees… 6 inches of snow fell this afternoon. 

Tomorrow: 60 and clear, but we don’t know if the park road will be closed…


Clingman's Dome

Let’s add Flexible to the word list!

2 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Wow, it’s it amazing how once you decide something, much of the work is done?!!!

    The action proves and just keeps giving the results dreamed off. Alan, you look terrific! keep up the mental attitude it’s all very inspiring and I’m waiting in NH to join YOU! Warm, sunny thoughts for you day. Blessings are all abundant! God sped.

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