Day 17 and taking a zero, so time to finally add some pictures.

4/10/2014. Miles 150.7.


At the beginning. Springer Mountain.


Shoe tree in Neal Gap.


Rainy day path…


Cold! Frost on the sign…


Trail magic and Miss Janet


German friends, German restaurant in Helen, GA


Curious George at the border


Hmmm… are we dinner?


Smokies from a fire tower


Friends Hawk’s Bill, Bear Bag, Cake, and Isn’t Black

Great fun! After the day is done, it’s all about the people we meet and the good times together.


3 thoughts on “Pictures!

  1. Great photos Alan! I just got your text today about resupplying in the GSMNP….a little late, sorry. I also saw your thread/inquiry on WB. That is exactly what I would have done, so it was fortuitous that you had the zero day and the opportunity to get your info.

    I’ll do my best next time to be available, and answer what questions I can. If you do run into any trouble in GSMNP, call and I’ll get the folks I do know in that area involved. Texts don’t work well with my phone….direct call and/or voice mail is better.

    I think you’re familiar with Frank LaFond, aka OX, or OxGAME97 on WB. He’s my go-to guy in that region, and his number is 678-464-3380

    Keep on hiking….you’re totally impressing us with the ease with which you’re handling everything!

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