Serendipity means a “fortuitous happenstance” or “pleasant surprise”. 

Being on a hike now for over a month, I’ve had lots of time to think.  One thing that keeps popping up are the many times that I want something or need something, and it JUST HAPPENS!

Serendipity. Does it exist? Is it magic? Just coincidence? Can it be explained?

I am keeping track of these events, and I find that they take place more frequently than I thought.  Normally, we are distracted by life, get a small surprise, but soon forget the pleasant experience. 

Recently, I’ve had both physical and emotional events.  My first was a couple of days into my hike.  I ran out of water, looked at my map, and there was no water source for at least a couple of hours.  Not good.  Well, a short prayer later, I came across an Army “water buffalo”, a large vehicle left on our path full of potable water! 

My most recent event was just a couple of days ago.  I was hot and tired.  It was afternoon. I looked up to see the biggest climb of the day, and (go figure), I started feeling sorry for myself.  Why am I doing this?! Is it worth it?

I started the climb.  Halfway up, a friendly voice says “Hi, Curious George.  Great job! You’re really doing great on this hill!” Unusual complement at the perfect time…

And, it happened again near the top, from a total stranger… Great reinforcement!

Both events were perfectly timed, and filled me with surprise and a little bit of awe.  Was it also a spiritual event? That’s up to you to decide, but since March 25th, I’ve asked many times, and I have received!

So, let me suggest that you take a little time during your busy life, and pay attention to things that put a smile on your face.  A complement, parking space, a baby’s smile, a wink from a dapper gentleman (or woman!) – things that come at just the right time, and brighten your day, or CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

I’ve started my list; do you have yours?




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