100 Miles!

Day 12: Carter Gap Shelter to Rock Gap Shelter

Today’s miles: 12.1. Total miles: 106.

32 degrees waking up this morning.  Think about getting out of bed and getting dressed! You move fast!

Today’s highlights were the 500 foot, very vertical climb up Albert Mountain, and to reach the 100 mile point at the fire tower on top.  It was strenuous for me, but I felt great to have done it, and the afternoon flew by from there.



The evenings are special on the trail.  I arrived at the shelter at 4pm. I like to take care of business first, which for me is to set up my hammock, tarp, change into my sleep clothing, get water for dinner, and make sure that my clothes are ready for the morning.

Then up to the shelter with my food bag, cook set, and water. We usually eat together at a picnic table or sitting on logs around a fire pit.  While eating until dark, we tell stories about the day, and get to know each other.

I’m sure that most of my memories of the AT will come from these fireside sessions, and the interesting people I meet.  Tonight was Cloud Dancer, who did the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT) last year, and wants to do the AT in 90 days!

Tomorrow is a “Nero” or Near Zero day.  We will hike 3 miles and catch a ride into Franklin, NC to buy food for the next 4 days, do laundry, have a couple of good meals, and a night in a bed.


4 thoughts on “100 Miles!

  1. Yeah pictures! You look great! From all I’ve watched and read, Albert Mtn is a beast, so I’m glad it’s behind you….great accomplishment….100 miles! (of course, if you were in one of your planes, it would have taken you what? 1 minute?) Have a great time in Franklin, and say hi to Ron Haven!

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