Rain and Rain Gear

Day 14 Winding Stair Gap to Wayah Bald Shelter

Monday, 4/7/14 Today’s miles: 11. Total miles: 120.8.

Yesterday, I took a “nero” or near zero day. I walked 3.8 miles and caught a hotel shuttle at 9:30 into Franklin, NC.  Stayed with 2 guys this time, cost $18 each! Cool day, so did nothing but go to dinner with 5 others and enjoy the good company.

Today was forecast rain, and yes it did, all day and into the evening.  40’s, sleet, mud and wet feet!

This is my raingear: raincoat with hood, waterproof mittens, and a waterproof kilt.  The kilt is great keeping the pants dry to the knees without sweating.

Dinner.  For most of us, this is the only prepared (and hot) meal of the day.  My routine is to arrive at the shelter, find a spot and set up my hammock, and then go get water.  Today, I had to walk 1/4 mile to a stream, irritatingly long at the end of the day.  I filter 2 quarts of water for tomorrow’s hike, and enough water to cook my dinner.

Tonight’s meal was quick cooking rice and beans, with some summer sausage cut up.  Tasted great, and was probably 600-700 calories.  We try to make meals that you can boil water and have the meal steep for 10 minutes, then eat.  Rinse with a little water, finger for a sponge, and drink so the critters don’t come around!

No campfire because of the rain, so we brush our teeth away from camp, again not to attract critters. Then to bed to get warm, write a post, and read until about 9. That’s my exciting day!


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