Day 10 Dick’s Creek Gap to Muskrat Creek Shelter

Day 10 Dick’s Creek Gap to Muskrat Creek Shelter

Today’s miles: 11.8. Total miles: 81.4.

Back on the AT after a zero day, I was recharged. The day off was relaxing. I ate healthy meals and just enjoyed reading and being lazy.  But I was ready to go. 

The day was near perfect, 80 degrees and sunny, with no wind. The hiking was not bad until crossing into NC.  YES! I made it to NC around 2 pm today.  One down, and thirteen to go…

Then a crazy hard climb up Courthouse Bald of 800′ at the end of the day was the hardest to date.  I am still hiking in slow motion on these tough climbs; my goal is to just keep moving, one baby step at a time. 

Nice chatting around the campfire.  A couple is hiking the AT for their 30th anniversary.  Also some stories about Miss Janet, who follows the hiking group to support them.

Tonight I decided to sleep under the stars.  Normally, I hang my hammock, and then cover it with a tarp, to keep out the wind and rain.  Tonight is calm and clear, so the view is unobstructed and beautiful. 

Tomorrow afternoon, rain and possible thunderstorms are predicted.  Rain is fine and expected.  The storms are not any fun, and I hope they miss us.


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