Day 8 Sassafras to Dick’s Creek Gap

Today’s miles: 6.3. Total miles: 69.6.

Beautiful night, no clouds, and a beautiful day forecast ahead.  6am, we woke to a 30 minute rain shower! An hour later, clear skies…

One steep climb first thing in the morning, then on to Dick’s Creek Gap, and hitchhiking into Hiawassee.  Only had to wait 5 minutes, and got a ride in a Mercedes! Rabbit and I got left at our motels,  for well deserved zero days. 

Many thru hikers recommend taking a day off every 7-10 days,  so I will plan on that.  We are supposed to listen to our bodies, especially if they start hurting. 

I had a good time doing nothing, reading, and catching up with phone calls.  Great to recharge the mind and soul, as well as the body. 

Tomorrow, it’s back to the trail, and 8.9 miles to the NC border! This is usually seen as the first big milestone. 

Off to a second night in bed.  Ahhhhhhh…

1 thought on “Day 8 Sassafras to Dick’s Creek Gap

  1. Hey, Dude! When you gonna be at Fontana? I may meet you guys there (house sale fell through) since I’ve already done everything up to that point anyway …


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