Day 7 Helen to Sassafras

Day 7 Helen, GA to Sassafras Gap. Page 13!

Today’s miles: 10.4. Total miles: 63.3.

Last night (end of day 6) was special, and typical of what I have seen on the trail so far.  I am walking with a group of people from all over the US, and 3 from Germany.  Well, 5 of us decided to go into the German themed, tourist town of Helen, GA.  We decided to stay at a Best Western, and all 5 of us in one room! Then a 6th showed up, and joined the fun. 2 to each bed, and 2 on the floor.  We all got along famously. 

Dinner was at a German owned restaurant, where we had a fine beer and variety of food.  Authentic, and even the Germans were impressed. 

Today stated with me hitchhiking. Usually not a good idea, it is a very accepted means of travel.  I got a ride after about 15 minutes, for the 7 miles back to the trail. Thanks to Travis, born and raised locally, and quite the gentleman!

From there, 10 hard miles of hiking, back up to 4400 feet.  Beautiful weather for a change, in the 70s.

4 thoughts on “Day 7 Helen to Sassafras

  1. You’ve got to love the trail culture! Can you imagine checking into a motel in RI and bunking down with 5 total strangers? It sounds like it’s tough, but fun too. Keep on hiking!

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