Day 5, Neels Gap to Low Gap Shelter

First, thanks to everyone who is following my blog.  I like the comments, so keep them coming!

Today: 11.5 miles.  Total: 43.2 miles.
   (Footnote: to keep things simple, I am not adding the 8 miles I did on the approach trail.  With those miles added, I broke 50 miles today!)

Left the hostel knowing it was supposed to rain today, and it did! Words for the day: mud, rain, wind, and more mud. Hardest part was going down hill and trying not to fall in the slippery conditions. 

Trail Magic. What inspires a group of people to go out on a miserable day, set up a canopy on the side of a road that intersects the AT, and feed hungry hikers for a few hours? Many of us hikers were treated to hamburgers, hot dogs, fruit and  drinks, all we could eat! Wonderful! And… I received two blessings for a safe journey.  Thanks so much to the Echo Ministries for the food and fellowship. Your kindness is greatly appreciated!

4 thoughts on “Day 5, Neels Gap to Low Gap Shelter

  1. It’s considered faux pas to include the approach trail mileage as it’s not actually part of the trail….even though it its certainly part of your hike! Glad to hear that things are still moving along.

  2. We are enjoying hearing about your progress and experiences. So glad things are going well for you. The kids and I are tracking how far you have gone in the book you gave them.

  3. I keep trying to post a reply and am not having much luck. You know me and technology. This is my third attempt on my third device. We are enjoying following the blog and using the book to track where you are. Keep up the great work!

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