AT days 3&4

Day 3. Justus Creek to Lance Creek. Today: 9.9 miles.  Total: 24.3 miles. 

Day 4. Lance Creek to Neel Gap. Today: 7.4. Total: 31.7.

An interesting couple of days.  Yesterday was about meeting nice people, and taking time to learn what they are about. 

Today was physically challenging.  I hiked Blood Mountain, at 4461′, the highest peak to date.  Then add in a continuous rain, wind and cold… Great fun!

The good news is that I have a bunk at the AT famous Hiker Hostel. For $17, you get a bunk (1 of 16), a shower and a towel.  For another $3, you get to wash your clothes. Perfect!

I also had my first experience of “Trail Magic”. A group of folks from the Spring Valley Church of Springville, Alabama drove 4 hours and spent a few days locally giving away food to hikers.  Tonight, they put on a free spaghetti dinner for us, complete with salad and dessert. Some music and a little fellowship was appreciated! Thanks to Pastor Barry Britt for this special event.

Tomorrow is another rain day, but that’s life on the trail!

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