Day 2 Stover Creek

Today’s Miles: 11.6 Total: 14.4

Overnight was COLD! Temps in the low teens, and windy.  My teeth chattered all night, and I only got a couple of hours sleep. 

It was hard crawling out of bed.  We got up at 7:30, packed up, and I got going eating a bar on the go. I took a coffee break, when I finally warmed up. 

The rest of the day was gorgeous, but the temps stayed in the low 40s.

My initial goal was 13 miles to Gooch Mountain Shelter, but I was tired by 4pm, stopped too often on the uphills, and wanted to be done! Got here at 6pm, time to set up my hammock, and have a freeze-dried dinner! Yum! 4 other hikers here. Had a nice chat by a fire.  One couple is on their honeymoon! Neat to have a 6 month honeymoon?! Another is a lawyer who is unhappy with his career.  Then there is Corn Flake, who is moving slowly with his dog.  Quite the mix!

Tomorrow’s goal is another 10 miles, to Lance Creek. 

1 thought on “Day 2 Stover Creek

  1. If you stayed at Stover Creed shelter the first night, where are you the second night? Sorry it’s cold, but it will get better! I hope it’s proving all you hoped for so far! ….T&S

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