Day 1 on the AT

Day 1. Approach Trail (from parking lot) 7.3 miles, then Springer Mt to Stover Creek Shelter, 2.8 miles.  Today’s total: 10.1 miles. 
Being seranaded by Mica with friend Pearl. 
I decided to stay in a nice hut, as it is very cold and windy.  At least I am out of the wind!

About 12-15 people here., with 2 girls.  Quite a mix! Evenly split between 20s, 40s, and me.  2 Germans, one is Bernd.  40ish computer programer. 

Animal carries a heavy bucket to save money.  Jay served 5 years in the Navy, then college, and hiking before going to work. 

Gear is fine so far.  I have a small pull on my backpack strap, so will be watching it. 

Too cold for much else…

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