Hudson River

Today I climbed (and decended!) Bear Mountain, walked through a trailside zoo, and crossed the Hudson River.



It rained yesterday, so clothes are wet; same tonight, so staying in a ballfield picnic area, with 10 other hikers.


Heading to a state park tomorrow, and will reach Connecticut Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Hudson River

  1. I just love getting your posts! My daughter lives 1/2 mile from the Hudson….do you need anything…a dryer, maybe. Today Karen, a friend of Janet’s and her x husband, John Angier and his Father, Frances, all stopped by unexpectantly. I just finished Bemer two women and I Bemered all of them, too. Then when they left, two more people came for a Bemer at 5:00.
    John had gone to Tufts Medical for an illness and then stopped by on the way home. I was so happy to see him and meet Karen!
    Keep those cards and letters coming….praying for your safety.
    Love and hugs,
    Donna and Garry

    • LOL!! Being the former teacher, I can’t help but clarify the above post. Karen is a dear friend, but John Angier, the x husband belongs to Karen. I was compelled to clear up that grammar!! Just sayin… It really struck me funny. Donna, I’m glad you finally met Karen after all these years.

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