New York!

Thursday marked the beginning of my 7th week of hiking. The weather has been warm! My focus is to stay hydrated, but at this time of the year, some of the water sources start drying up. I’ve had to drink brown water a couple of times; I filter it, so it’s safe, but not too appealing…
On the other hand, at one of the road crossings, I had 2 hot dogs and a Coke from this gentleman:


Friday afternoon, I crossed into New York! Another milestone on the hike.


I was expecting the physical part of the hike to ease up, as the hills are not as high,  but no such luck. As our guide book says, “Despite the unimposing profile, rocks and upbrupt ups and downs make this section challenging.”


Sections like this, sometimes 500 feet high or more, have to be scaled using hands and feet, rock climbing vs hiking. Challenging, especially knowing that there is the climb down on the other side!


Today was a zero day, clean clothes and a shower. Small things like these, or just a cold soda become a big pleasure! I’m just to the west of Fort Montgomery, NY, and should cross the Hudson River in 2 days.

4 thoughts on “New York!

  1. Congrats on entering NY… Do you get anywhere near Kingston?
    I Bemered 10 people today ! 9 at church and 1 at home….then found a beautiful wicker sofa at a huge Fair down the street. I swapped the woman for 4 antiques and made $25. on top of the swap….so happy to get stuff out of the garage and Garry is happy…he sends his love by the way.
    Keep up the good work!!! Kingston is right along the Hudson…let me know your trail in NY. 🙂

    • I’m 60 miles south of Kingston, crossing the Hudson River tomorrow at Fort Montgomery.
      Glad you’re able to help others, definitely a calling! I’m going home for the 4th, so getting excited. Take care! Love, Curious George!

  2. HI CG,

    you are awesome! I mean… i knew that before you started… you will do the hole trail!

    Be careful, don’t hurry….Kathadin will stay there for some next millon years 😉

    –IsntBlack aka Bernd from Germany

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