New Jersey

Today was day 2 in New Jersey. I don’t keep close tabs on total milage, but I am at 1324.4 miles, or 864.7 miles to go! I also passed 400 miles on this year’s hike in 34 days. Not bad!


Tonight, I am at the Gren Anderson Shelter, but staying in my hammock. It’s comfortable, but I also needed to let it dry out from this morning’s thunderstorm at 4am! I stayed dry, but my tarp got packed up wet, standard practice.

It’s nice to complete another milestone, leaving Pennsylvania and the rocks. However, these first couple of days have been no picnic, and still difficult footing.


We have passed a couple of nice lakes, and someone took the time to make some formations.

2 thoughts on “New Jersey

  1. You are doing GREAT Alan. Slow and easy, slow and steady…..staying grounded and before you know it, you will be in Maine 🙂 🙂

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