Pennsylvania “Rocks”

Happy Father’s Day! My friend, Papa Monkey, and I are taking a well deserved zero today in Stroudsburg, PA. This is our last full day in Pennsylvania, as we are a mile from the New Jersey border.


20 days. Rocks and poison ivy. Nice shelters. 2 of the most difficult days of hiking, not because of the steep climbs, but of the difficult footing. Few posts due to exhaustion every day… Life is good!



3 thoughts on “Pennsylvania “Rocks”

  1. The plant picture first with the rocks is the antidote for poison ivy.
    It usually grows with Poison Ivy. If you get PI on you, rub some of this over it to squelch it.
    Keep those cards and letters coming…we are so proud of YOU ! Happy Father’s Day, too.
    Donna and Garry

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