I QUIT! (Well, for an hour…)

On May 28th, I quit the trail.  How many times in YOUR LIFE have you quit? We have so many excuses. You lose a race or game. The sale falls through. Your business is suffering. The school work is just too hard…

For me, it started with being tired. The previous night, it took me a couple of hours to get to sleep; it was windy all night, but no rain. I got going by 7 am, brunch at 10. My heel started with little pain, but by 10 was hurting.  A mile down the road, I slipped on a rock crossing a stream, and fell on my right hip. Fortunately, just a bruise; only my ego was damaged. 

A couple of hikers said they were going into town for resupply at lunch.  It wasn’t in my plan, but after passing the road intersection at noon, I turned around and went back. I was done.  The rocks, the pain in my feet and now hip had me demoralized. 

There was a parking lot there, so I went looking for a ride.  That’s where I met David. He offered me a ride when I couldn’t get one hitching. 


Friends, you just can’t make this stuff up! Read on…

I met David Horton, a 64 year old ultramarathoner! He had the record for fastest time on the AT (54 days), later the PCT, and is the 3rd fastest EVER to race/run across the United States. He still competes at a high level, though now racing on a mountain bike. 

He started by asking how I was doing, and I told him that I was going to town to take a zero, because of my heel. As a teacher/coach, he immediately offered suggestions, including gel inserts, which David used for a similar problem. He took me to CVS to get them, and then took me to my motel.

Here I am, off the trail, ready to quit, and God sends me David.  How can it be any more poignant?! Serendipity. It has happened time and again on the trail. How else can I explain this?

Never quit on yourself.  Reevaluate if necessary, yes. Find your David, yes.  Stay alert, and the answer WILL FIND YOU!

Curious George



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