In the past week, I have walked about 80 miles, but also took 3 zeros trying to adjust to a painful heel (and my normal blisters). I hiked 20 miles yesterday with my new gel inserts; the pain is still there, but I am hoping the healing process will occur faster with them.

One blessing are the myriad of flowers blooming in the woods.  It differs every day, depending on the elevation, and which side of the mountain we are on. Beautiful!

I also passed the 800 mile point.  For those following me, I am on page 75, at mile 802.6, in Buena Vista, VA.  Next stop is Waynesboro, VA, about 60 miles north. 

Curious George






A favorite, Isn't Black and me

5 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. Wow…that’s pretty cool. David Horton! Let me know if you bump into Jennifer Pharr Davis the next time you’re wavering! Are you alone out there? Try to keep your spirits up CG…we’re pulling for you!

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