Sunday, 5/18. Day 55. Interesting. After posting a blog a week ago about the incredible body, I suffered a (thankfully) minor injury to my foot.

After passing through the very difficult descent of Dragon’s Tooth, I met up with Hawksbill.  I followed him,  climbing over car sized boulders.  Well, I stepped on one with an angled top,  sandy,  and my foot started sliding.  There was an open spot behind me,  so I jumped backwards.  I landed hard on my right heel, and bruised it. 

For the next 30 miles, over two days, I limped my way to Daleville.  My friends were great,  frequently stopping to wait for me.  I got choked up often…

The problem? Continuity.  My group of friends will continue on the trail.  It’s what we do. I, on the other hand, have to stop, rest, and heal. My doctor was nice enough to return my call, with instructions to ice the injury and expect up to a week to heal. A week!

Fortunately, I came up with a solution.  There is no way that I can catch my friends by simply hiking faster.  I will probably fall further behind, as I ease back onto the trail so as to not reinjure myself.  What I WILL do, is when I reach Connecticut, to skip ahead to meet back up with the group of friends.  We will then finish New England and the remainder of the AT together! I will then go back to Connecticut, and finish the section I skipped. 

So… Sadly, I enjoyed one last breakfast with my friends this morning, and said goodbye.  I will stay in Daleville for a few days, and pray for a speedy recovery. 

Curious George


Isn't Black, RW, Bearbag, Hawksbill, and Curious George

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