A Positive Experience

Are you aware of how you affect the happiness of those around you? Do you make it a point to praise performance, be it your workers or children, spouse or salesperson?

I really work on this. I’m not great, but I really try to smile, to be pleasant, and to offer praise, when deserved. As an example, if a transaction is involved, the money received is nice, but the smile, the “thank you” is what leaves us with that little glow inside.

So how does that relate here? I make it a point to respond to each sale I participate in. When I buy a product from an entrepreneur, I send off a quick note of thanks, and also acknowledge them publicly, if warranted. I believe that nothing works better than unsolicited, free, and heartfelt thanks to stimulate sales. If I buy from a larger site, most ask for feedback, and I am happy to provide it, to improve the next experience.

So, Adam, of Hammockgear.com, thank you, both for your workmanship and service.

Here’s the story.

I bought a 20 degree top quilt (like a sleeping bag, but for a hammock) from Adam. It is my first quilt, and I was a new hammocker. I asked about adding extra down, being the new guy. Adam said, no, should be fine, try it and we can fix it if you desire. 9 months later, last week, I decided after a few cool nights of hanging, that I wanted an extra 2 ounces of down. I call Adam. He says FREE. FREE shipping. Come on, ADAM! I want to keep you guys in business, and don’t mind spending a few bucks to do it!!! Quick turn around, of course, and it is now perfect.

He certainly did his part in this exchange. The quilt is one of the most important items for my hike, and I am confident that it will perform well.

Who have you praised today?

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