50 DAYS!

All of a sudden, what seemed like such a distance in the future, is now close to happening! I’m going on a hike!

I am 50 days or 7 weeks and a day from leaving Springer Mountain, in northern Georgia. Am I ready? YES! Excited? YES!
I still have work to do, final inventory, a few gear tests, but I could leave tomorrow. When do I start?
I actually have 3 start dates.
–  March 23rd, 2014. Day one is the plane ride, from Providence to Atlanta. We will rent a car to drive the 2 hours north to Amicalola Falls State Park, and stay at the state park lodge for 2 nights.
–  March 24th, I walk the approach trail. This 8.8 mile hike is not a part of the Appalachian Trail, but is one of two means to get to the start point, Springer Mountain. I choose to hike this trail, as I am into doing the little extras that will add to my experience, and this is step one! The other starting option is to hitch a ride to a parking lot one mile NORTH of the start point, hike SOUTH, and return on the same path. My plan takes the best of both: I will hike the approach trail, continue to the parking lot, hitch a ride back to the lodge, and go to the top on the 25th with Janet!
– March 25th. Janet and I go to the parking lot one mile NORTH of Springer Mountain. We hike SOUTH to the start point, take lots of pictures, and Janet gets to hike the first mile of the AT with me! I love that we can do this together, even if it is only the first mile. Kisses in the parking lot, and then off I go, day 1! Janet returns to Atlanta.
The countdown begins…

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