Appalachian TRIALS

I just finished reading Zach Davis’ “Appalachian Trials”. A good read, different than many AT books, as it deals with the psychological aspects of hiking the trail. Zach addresses everything from goal setting, to meditation, to physical issues such as tiredness and heat rashes. To me, this is one book that I will go back and read again for the advise. Not bad, for a 30ish kid!

I find that I like reading about different gear. The gear “expert” in Zach’s book is Ian Mangiardi. He devotes a short chapter to gear selection, but in its simplest terms; big picture stuff. I do like that he comes right out and says your pack will end up costing up to $3000, so get over it. Light and techy is good. However, choose comfort over crazy. Take the 3 pound tent over the 2 pound tarp. Bring a quality backpack.

Ian chooses canisters to alcohol stoves. Hmmmm. I spent close to $200 for my setup; well, that is what this year is all about. Zach said the most used system was what I have, though I would go out and buy the lighter one. We’ll see. I will have to see how I end up cooking and eating when I am out for a few days.

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