6 Mile Hike

Today was a brisk, 35 degree and windy day in Rhode Island. It was a great test for layering some of my new clothes.

Base Layer: North Face Flash Dry thermals, top and bottom

Intermediate Layer: EMS Ascent hoodie

Top Layer: Arc’Teryx wind shirt

Pants: Jeans (will upgrade for the AT)

So, I started out using all the layers, and my body was warm. After about 20 minutes, I noticed a bit of sweat on my back, and decided to take the windshirt off. This worked fine in the protection of the woods. I also tried the hoodie over my watch cap, and that warmed me up as well. Thanks to the EMS staff with their knowledge and recommendations!

During the hike, I cam across many of these cairns. They are a bit of a mystery. Do they date back 200 years, 1000 years, or more?


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