Wednesday, June 1st, I crossed the Mason/Dixon line, and stepped from South to North, from Maryland into Pennsylvania. During my short time in Maryland, I passed many Civil War memorials and tributes to fallen soldiers. I also climbed the first Washington monument:


Pennsylvania, so far, has been rocks, rain, and mist. I’ve now passed the maze, and this rhodendron tunnel.



Friday was a major milestone for my fellow through hikers, for they passed the halfway point on this year’s trail.


An even bigger milestone was 10 miles further on, at the Pine Grove general store. This is the site of the ice cream challenge: to sit down and eat a half gallon of ice cream in one sitting! 2 of my hiking partners did it; I chose not to make myself sick, so just ate a wonderful, huge burger.


This was also my longest hiking day, at 22 miles, 20 to get the burger and soda, and 2 more after dinner to find a campsite.
Today, I am taking a “zero” at the Allenbury resort, in Boiling Springs. A zero is a day off, free from hiking, to rest weary legs and sore feet. This resort has fallen on hard times, is for sale, and offers hikers a room for only $40 per night. Dated, but clean.
One of the joys of rising with the sun!


6 thoughts on “Pennsylvania!

  1. Hi CG,
    you are looking verry good. The beard grows more and more 😉
    I like the “rising sun” picture… remembers me on my journey… YOU remembers me on my hike!

    All the best for your knies…

    CU sometimes again

    IsntBlack aka Bernd from germany

  2. I really enjoy reading about your hiking adventures….I’m impressed…22 miles in ONE day!!!
    Keep those photos coming and stay happy…..glad you took a zero day….Hugs, Donna & Garry

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