Preparations for my 2016 Journey

How do you prepare for something that you failed at?

I’ve been thinking about finishing my hike for 2 years. My return is now imminent, and I’m excited! The physical part was easy. I’ve been exercising to prepare for the difficulties of hiking another 1300 miles. I also know that it will take 2-3 weeks of hiking to really be fit, and accept this painful process.

Equipment. I enjoy the “stuff” of hiking. I am only changing a few items for this year’s hike. I am going back to trail running shoes, this time from a company called Altra. I changed my wet weather gear. I now have an umbrella, and traded my nylon wind shirt for a rain jacket of similar weight. Umbrellas have become popular for hiking, as they can be used both for rain and sun. When hiking in a rain jacket, you are apt to perspire, and soon become as wet as if you did not wear one. We shall see! I am leaving my Tilly hat; it’s a bit heavy and inconvenient, and gets hot in really hot weather. I am going with a light cap and a Buff. Lastly, I bought light trekking poles, because I may be carrying them more when holding an umbrella.

Mind and spirit. I am prepared. I KNOW what to expect this time, this hike. I am also blessed with great support from family and friends. My wife says go! Succeed! In addition, I was just visited by my two hiking partners from 2014, Bear Bag and Isn’t Black. What more encouragement do I need, than their support?


Max, me, Bernd, Matthias, & Lothar

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