Virginia Tomorrow!

Day 39. Today’s miles: 19. Total miles: 457. 2.

May 2nd, page 48. Abingdon Gap Shelter. 

Still camping and hiking at 4000′, so the day started cold, in the low 40’s.  Getting out of my hammock is tough! Putting on cold hiking clothes and shoes is tougher! We move fast to stay warm, pack up our gear, and start walking in about 30 minutes. 

The scenery is beginning to change.  Yesterday was many miles of ridge walking, a steady process of many ups and downs.  Today changed into woods and meadows, with beautiful rolling terrain.  

Tomorrow: Damascus, VA, the Mecca of Appalachian Trail hiking.  A small town, it has three outfitters and several hostels.  Most hikers spend a day or two to take in the town where hikers rule.  The AT, in fact, passes through the center of this mile long town.



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