Support and a Party

From my readings of successful through hikers, most give credit to a strong support system. There are typically parents, a wife, significant other, or close friend to help with logistics. This expands to family and friends who follow the hiker and offer moral support, encouragement, and perhaps even meet up with us at points along the way. I’ve mentioned it before, but it needs repeating.

I experienced one of many such events yesterday, two weeks BEFORE I leave on my hike. First, months ago, I received the encouragement of my wife, Janet, to tackle this dream. If you are in a relationship, you understand how significant this is, for as difficult as my hike will be, my wife takes on the burden of everyday living for six months by herself.

Then, she throws a wonderful going away party of friends and family, so that they can also feel a strong connection to this quest. This is just the beginning, but so important. Thank you, Janet! Thanks to all who came to say goodbye and wish me well. Thanks for the words of encouragement, even if you can’t fathom doing something like this yourself. I feel truly blessed; I WILL complete my hike of the Appalachian Trail!

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