Are You Committed?

Ah, the commitment word. Strong or weak? Do you keep it to yourself, or tell the world?
I am committed to walk the AT.
I am committed to keep up my blog.
I am committed to doing the Insanity workout every day for 60 days.
I am committed to losing weight.
So… are these just words, or do they have power? Do they depend on your strength of character?
Have you shared these commitments with others? Yes? All of a sudden, YOU ARE COMMITTED!

4 thoughts on “Commitment

  1. So, where are the blog posts?

    A 3 lb tent? Hmm. How about half pound tarp, and you stay in the shelters…

    Canisters? More like money wasters. Cook on the fire, save your money, and use a potted meat can stove. 50 cents, and aluminum foil for Windscreen. You’ll get tired of cooking anyways, unless you’re cooking on a fire. I’d scrap the tent and bring a small saw to cut wood. Fire=cowboy tv, friends, man of the shelter. Arteryx is nice, rather have a stack of pizzas and keep my $20 Adidas rain jacket. It’s hard to say to yourself what you’ll need. But since you’re retiring, your pack should weigh no more than 30 pounds, with water, and food for 3.5-4 days. If you’ve got a decent job, you’re stuff should weigh sub 25 lbs. I wish I had done the same. More fires, less stuff! Where are the posts?!?!? And the workouts?!?!?

    • Thanks for your comments. I am using a hammock; heavy at 3 pounds, but includes the tarp and lines, and very comfortable. I plan to avoid the shelters unless mostly empty and to avoid the vermin (Human and otherwise!). I’m using a $15 stove that is much more efficient than the homemade variety. My pack is about the weight you suggest, a good goal. Fire is nice, but I’ll leave that to the young or ambitious.

      • And another thing: using Gatorade bottles instead of Lexan bottles saves weight, good for the environment, and if you should decide to use one in the night for the call of nature, you can always get another one. Also keeping them clean isn’t an issue if you replace them, and you will always need more electrolytes.


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