A Short Walk

Flew BOS to JFK this morning, drove home, and went for a 2 hour hike in the woods to clear the brain and body. Good stuff.

I often hike in two Audubon Society wildlife refuges, a short drive from where I live. I am amazed at the generosity of those who donated these tracts of land for us to enjoy, as well as all the volunteers who keep up the forests and trails. Thank you!

The high temperature for the past week has only been 40 degrees, and freezing at night, but most of the snow has melted. The woods are alive with sound! Just in the area that I walked today, the snow melt has created hundreds of small rivulets. They meander down to a larger system of streams, that create a whitewater as they pass over large boulders and rocks. The noise downstream is tremendous and exciting – Spring is coming!
The walking is often on soggy ground, both challenging to find the right spot to put a foot without sinking into some muck. Here is New England much of the path is rocky, so finding good footing is usually not a problem.
All this, in 2 hours and 4 miles of a simple walk, yet refreshing.

Welcome and thanks for looking!

I am a soon to retire pilot, and excited about moving on to the next challenge. What is that? In 2014 I intend to walk the Appalachian Trail, a 2000+ mile hike. I intend to discuss all the aspects of hiking and camping, as well as my motivation and just some fun stuff I come across as the days to retirement near.