Day One in my 9 Month Training Cycle

10 hours in the schoolhouse today, and I am tired!

We have some excellent instructors. First off, was a 5 hour review of aircraft systems. Unlike driving a car, where if you have a problem, you just pull over to the side of the road and call AAA, we have to wear several hats as pilots. If we have a problem at 39,000 feet, we have to first figure out what’s up, how significant is the issue, what we can or should do to fix it, and finally, whether to continue on. We are pilot, engineer, mechanic, and seer, all in one.

Next is a review of threats, be they people, mechanical, weather, or unforeseen. Psychology 101, 202, and more; we need to take our steed safely to the destination all the while considering the 150 passengers’ welfare, and still hoping to make the company a profit on this particular leg of or trip. Safety is always first (my wife thanks me), followed by the myriad of pressures to accomplish the mission.

The rest of the day was a series of mandatory FAA briefings on the latest trends in the industry. Mostly repetitive, but refreshers of government policies, all to make us safer and wiser…

Back to the hotel, a meal in my room, and a call to Dad and my wife. So ends the glorious day in the life of an an airline pilot!

Thanks for reading!

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